Provo Falls/Mirror Lake

July 21st one night workshop with onsite sunset and night photography of the beautiful Provo falls and Mirror lake area. You will learn to take breathtaking photos of the night sky. Instruction will include:

• Best lenses/equipment and how to focus and use your camera at night

• How to find and forecast the position of the Milky Way
• How to properly light paint foreground landscape features

Equipment necessary:

• A DSLR camera (preferably capable of shooting in RAW format)
• Lenses: Both wide angle for night shots and telephoto for sunset shots.
• Wide angle lens should preferably be at least 24mm or wider.

• Sturdy tripod
• Extra memory cards and batteries
• Shutter remote or Intervalometer

• Camera manual
• Headlamp (preferably with a red light for preserving night vision) and flashlight
• Warm layered clothing/jacket, including gloves (often gets cold at night)
• Extra food/water etc. that you may need when out photographing

Weather conditions are factor with night sky photography. I cannot guarantee clear skies and perfect star conditions. Workshop will be rescheduled or a refund if weather conditions are not conducive to night photography

Workshop price: $139.00

Significant others are free as long as they are not a photographer.

You are responsible for your own transportation to Provo falls / Mirror lake area (East of Kamas Utah, roughly 1 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City).

Contact Shayne Shaw at or 801-889-9855 to register for workshop.

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